Wir Sind Berliner... sort of. / by Justine Simonson

Hello there beautiful people! It's been a while since we posted an update, so we're here to fill you in on what's been going on.

Since landing in Berlin in April, things have basically been nonstop awesome. 

Hallo Berlin!

We hit the ground running, knocking out our first three stories at the end of April and have continued in production through May and June. 

DriveNow, a great car-sharing program here in Berlin as well as other cities in Europe, has been a life saving tool in our production. There's basically a car waiting for you whenever you need one. Even if it means jamming everything into a Mini Cabrio after a long day of filming in Charlottenburg.

Does this gear make our trunk look small? 

The good thing about that night was that it gave us the chance to see the Brandenburg Gate in all her brilliant, solitary, glory. Behold!

Ich bin ein Berliner... for a few months.

What were we doing in Charlottenburg you might ask? Filming these guys.

These guys make us look good!

Tarik & Rami, the go-getter dudes behind the sleek men's salon Barber's, invited us in to spend the day in their hip hop playing, stylish, chilled out salon. (Complete with American Crew hair care products.)

Shave and a hair cut.

Next we had the pleasure of filming a woman whose work is literally love and light: Lisa Lang.

The colorful founder of ElektroCouture let us into her dazzling studio at FabLab where we got a peek at her most recent projects. 

We can't spill all the beans but what we can tell you is that she's about to premier something awesome at Berlin Fashion Week. 

Our next story switches gears entirely. In fact you probably wouldn't any of your couture even close to it... but it speaks straight to our American hearts.

Big Stuff... Take one!

That would be Anna Lai and Tobi Buerger of Big Stuff Smoked BBQ. That's right, a Tennessee smoker is at home in the middle of Kreuzberg where its Italian and German owners stuff it with some of Germany's finest quality meats every night and dish out some of the best BBQ east of the Mississippi every day. 

All in a day's work...

We're going to great lengths to bring you this one. It's a labor of love... we're getting paid in pulled pork sandwiches. 

Open for biz!

We're off to film episode eight. Here's a sneak peek of the device in question. Can't wait to tell you more.